A Heads Up on Bridal Hair

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, be fashionable and use your head.   Here are some tips:


  1. Consider your entire look, the climate, your theme, and your ability to maintain the look throughout the wedding day. People will be taking pictures all day and you always want to look your absolute best.  For example, if you hare having an outdoor wedding in the summer you may want to consider an up-do for easy maintenance.
  2. “Test drive” the look you want to achieve at least twice before your wedding day so that you can work out any kinks, so to speak.
  3. Have a back up look that is simple to achieve in case the first look doesn’t work.
  4. Do not try anything new within six months of your wedding.  For example, do not get severe cuts, coloring, or treatments.  This could spell disaster if are stuck with a look you do not like.
  5. Have a fabulous wig on hand in case all else fails.

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Long hair


Remember ladies, on your wedding day your ‘”do” should never be a don’t.


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