About Us

Transitioning From the Basement to the Top Drawer

Are you a rich person  trapped in a middle class wallet? Do you pay taxes but still lack access to the finer things in life? A-Typical Chic is a  discussion board for the ordinary, “invisible middle” people nationwide. Based in Washington, DC, we provide an outlet for the forgotten majority to live the lives they thought they could not afford.

Our founder is a middle-class woman who lives an ordinary life — she married, had two children and was employed. She has mastered the art of living well on a budget. This discussion board was created to offer a forum where we can interact and share advice on affordable fashion/shopping, entertainment and health.

We offer a more balanced representation of people. Whether you want to share what you have learned or to seek advice, THIS IS THE SPOT TO BE! We should feel empowered to tell our stories — this is our opportunity to promote the life we lead and to celebrate our collective resourcefulness.


Shedding Unwanted Roles

There is an unspoken code that only “worthy people” can bask in the media’s glare and deserve the better things in life. The shade is reserved for the

  • people with limitless dreams but limited funds
  • curvy women who are treated like the elephants in the room
  • minority people who fade to black in a crowd
  • older people who are treated as if it’s a capital crime to be passed their prime
  • physically challenged people whose greatest disability is being faceless
  • plain janes who remain out of focus in every paparazzi’s picture

Yet, like Hyendiva, there are some women who know how to convert the shade into shine. Our blog is created just for them.

Making Style Statements

woman in the closet choosing fashionOur founder has been a fashionista since she was color coordinating her black patent leather Mary Janes with her dresses at the age of 5. Her fashion DNA traces back to her grandmother’s work creating customized clothing for people from patterns traced on brown paper bags. Her mother was also inspired to sew original pieces for her daughter, rarely purchasing off-the-rack clothing. The number one style commandment she passed on was, ‘Thou shalt not look like anyone else.”

Continuing the Trending Tradition

Our founder continued this style tradition in college by being voted best dressed during her tenure at Macy’s™ Department Store. She used her superpowers for good by helping customers to look their personal best. After college, she went onto a career not directly related to fashion, but it is still her not-so-secret weapon. She actively follows the words of Edith Head, a Hollywood costume designer who once said, “You can have anything you want, as long as you dress for it.” Amen.