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Shower Gifts for the Reigning Bride-to-Be

Planning a wedding is like running a marathon in 5 inch heels and I have the sore feet to prove it.  Anyway,  though I am still preparing for my daughter’s wedding, I am finally back from my ATC hiatus.  Having just completed her shower, here are some helpful recommendations for gifts for reigning bride-to-be:

  • Always look at their registry.  You can’t go wrong if you buy them what they want.


  • Money is ALWAYS appreciated.  A funny or classy presentation always helps. For example, pair your monetary gift with a lovely frame (the frame in the picture is blah but you get the idea).


  • Lingerie and toys can be tricky depending upon your audience so proceed with extreme caution. Some people believe showers are meant to keep things clean.  Then there’s the rest of us….


  • Buy an easy- to-read book the couple can read together. Pair this with a monetary bookmark.  For example,  I have just written an entertaining, uplifting book on sustained marriages entitled, “The Wedlock Chronicles, volume 1”.  YES, I AM UNAPOLOGETICALLY PLUGGING MY BOOK ON THIS BLOG!!! LOL.  It is available on Amazon and createspace . 


  Make it rain!!!

Perfect Sunglasses III: When You Are Vision-ary


The summer is in full swing now and sunnies are one of the most important accessories in your summer wardrobe. They can make or break your swag.  In order to be eye-dolized, one must be vision-ary. What makes you vision-ary?:

a. When the sunnies are perfect for the shape of your face

b. The sunnies are unique.

c. The sunnies make you look mysterious and sophisticated at the same time.

Let’s look at some fabulous affordable options:


Best Places to Look for Affordable Eye Candy?

Saks off Fifth

Neiman Marcus Last Call




See you in the Shade Parade!




The Perfect Sunglasses Part II: Health In the Eye of the Beholder

Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories because it’s one of the few times when it’s acceptable to throw shade.  But there are benefits other than making a fashion statement:

  • Wrinkle prevention. The right pair of sunnies will protect the corners of your eyes from those pesky wrinkles whether it is sunny or overcast.
  • Ultra violet ray protection.  If the glasses do not provide 99-100% UVA and UVB protection do not buy them.
  • Sand and allergen protection. Wrap around glasses are best for this type of protection.


Remember, the fate of your sight is in the eye of the beholder.


Slay the Vacay, Part 2: #Missing Luggage

“Lost luggage is just an opportunity to start afresh…”

Chris Evans


NOT when you are on your dream vacation and you’ve packed every outfit by day and event.  Then it’s no longer a vacation- it’s a trip. Here are some tips and helpful information:

1) Go to the baggage claim office immediately. If your bags are not there, make a report.  Never leave the airport without making a lost baggage report.

2)  If your luggage is truly lost, keep all receipts for replacement items.  Do not exaggerate your claim because airlines won’t pay if they think the claim is fraudulent. Airlines do not pay for sentimental value and some airlines give a flat rate for lost luggage.

3) If the airline is uncooperative, make a claim with the  Department of Transportation.

4) If you made a connecting flight and your luggage was lost, the airline you departed from last is responsible for the baggage.  For example, let’s say the flight you took on Delta to New York was delayed and you barely made your flight to France from New York.  You arrive in France but your bag never made it.  Air France not Delta would take responsibility for your lost bags.

5) The Department of Transportation has $3,300.00 per bag available, but you have to be persistent in getting that money. Check your ticket because some airlines only pay a flat fee for bags and whatever is on your ticket is what they will pay. Only 6% of all claims are paid, and there is a lot of theft going on with baggage handlers and TSA.

6) When filing for compensation, you should include the copy of the PIR (lost luggage form), the boarding card with the attached luggage tag, and other documents such as receipts and photographs. Here’s a timetable for filing your complaint:

  • If your luggage has been damaged or destroyed, make your complaint within seven days
  • If your luggage has been delayed, file your complaint within 21 days of receiving it
  • If your luggage has been lost, make your complaint as soon as possible after it has been missing for 21 days.

7)  Did you know there is an unclaimed baggage center located in Alabama where lost baggage items and unclaimed items are sent and can be purchased?

The website is:        https://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/plan-your-visit/

Safe and happy travels.


Slay the Vacay, Part1: Holding On to Your Baggage

First rule of travel: 

Keep your friends close and your bags closer.

 If you have a phone, you have your friends.  With luggage it may not be that easy.  That said, here are some simple tips to keep you tethered to your baggage:

1) Put all important items like, medicine, passports, visas, toiletries, at least one change of clothes, jewelry and anything that is really important to you in your carry on.

2) Take pictures of your non carry-on luggage.

3) Don’t put any electronics or high end tablets, cameras or phones. They aren’t covered by the airlines contract of carriage.

4) If you don’t have space to put your valuables in your carry-on, mail them to your destination. There are a lot of services now that go door to door with your valuables, very affordably and they insure them which the airlines do not.

5) Purchase lost baggage insurance.

6) Buy a luggage tracking device. Lug Loc, Tile Mate, and Tracdot are great alternatives.  The following site gives great feedback on each:

Best Luggage Tracking & Locating Devices for Travel 2017


Next week we will give you the lowdown on lost and damaged luggage.

The Bud-geting Bride: Trimming Your Floral Costs, Part 2

            So you have said, “Yes” to a dress that is at least $3, 000 over the budget and you promised yourself, your parents, and your fiance that you would cut that amount from somewhere else.  Now the florist is emailing you to get the final decision on your arrangements. Yikes!

Stay calm and go green.  Here are some great ways to trim the budget without having to sacrifice the “lush life”:

  • Recycle: Ensure that the brides maids bouquets match the centerpieces on the tables.  After the ceremony place them in vases on the table. Think about it – what do they do with them after the ceremony anyway?
  • Go hybrid: Use silk flowers in the centerpieces and surround them with live greenery such as baby’ breath and other leafy options.
  • Reuse: Instead of that flower-laden archway you had planned on, rent two huge trees in beautiful vases for a couple of hundred dollars to adorn your altar.  Less can be more.


The site for Universal Class where you can learn how to arrange silk and real flowers is  https://www.universalclass.com/articles/self-help/flower-arrangement-working-with-silk-and-real.htm

The most important lesson is that you should never start your marriage in “wedding debt.”   Just as in marriages, for weddings sometimes short term sacrifices must be made to achieve long term goals .  How you address those sacrifices will determine your happiness and success.

Note to the Bride: The guests will only be looking at your over-budget dress!  LOL





The Perfect Sunglasses I: Face Time

Sunglasses are my favorite make-down and, in some circumstances can replace make up (i.e the beach, gardening, etc. . .).  They give your face attitude without apology and mystery minus the anonymity.

Want to be “eye-conic” in a shady world?   This how – to video provides a basic process to follow when you are trying to achieve “the look”:

Next week we will list the stores that sell the best “eye candy”.

The Bud-geting Bride: Trimming Your Floral Costs, Part1

If you are experiencing sticker shock related to the high cost of bridal floral arrangements, this bud’s for you.  We are devoting this week and every week in June to offering affordable options.


If you have decided that you must go “live” with your bouquet, here are some tips that will help you de-flower your budget:

  • Call  an online company such as Global Rose (855) 821-6372 ; 1800 Flowers (ask about same day delivery) ; Pro Flowers 800 580 2913.  Call and get a clear understanding of pricing and delivery time.  Get your bouquet at least 3 days in advance and ask for clear instructions on how to keep the arrangement fresh. READ THE REVIEWS FOR THESE COMPANIES VERY CAREFULLY.  The reviews are mixed.  Look at the next option for back up.
  • Visit your local supermarket and ask when the new floral shipments arrive. Purchase an arrangement
    and follow this You Tube.  If necessary, ask a friend or relative to help.

Follow up with this DIY You Tube so that you properly store the flowers to ensure freshness. Learn how to keep the bloom on the rose.  https://youtu.be/V-hEy3aJ31c

  • Engage the services of a new company who is eager to get your business and negotiate a good price.


“Remember be different – every woman should be like a single flower, not a part of a whole bouquet.”





Be Safe and Carry On: How to Pack a Suitcase

Summer is quickly approaching and if you are lucky you will be going on vacation. Learning how to pack can save you money and prevent the of stress paying for extra bags.  Here are some trip tips:

ALWAYS take a carry-on.  This subject is personal to me because I have lived the LL (lost luggage) nightmare.   I went to Paris and my bags were sent to Tokyo.  I did not get them back until I was ready to go home. The only thing that made my situation believable was that I at least had my meds.  LESSON LEARNED: Your carry on should include meds, jewelry and any thing that  you need to live.  If you can put all of your belongings in a carry on, do so.

P.S. I was miserable until I remembered that I was in the fashion capital of the world and that I would get reimbursed for everything I was “forced” to purchase.  The struggle was definitely real!! LOL

2. Tuck and roll – all of your items so they do not wrinkle.

3. Save samples of perfume and toiletries and pack them in your bags.  This will save you from violating the 3-1-1 liquids rule. (You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes through the checkpoint. These are limited to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.)

4. Put a copy of your name and itinerary in non carry-ons in case they are lost.

5. Take pictures of your non carry-on bags.

Here is a great tutorial on packing.  Have a great trip -it’s in the bag!



Mismatched Shoe Trend: Putting Your Best Foot Forward?




What is the new fashion feat?  Mismatched shoes! That’s right.  It is now fashionable for your feet to enjoy diversity.  As a sleep deprived new mother, I began this trend years ago when I showed up for work in one brown shoe and one black shoe, but I will allow the designers to take credit for this “contemporary” look.

Be careful how you attempt to rock this fancy footwork.  You can’t wear a sneaker with a sandal – that would be a toe-pas.  The look has to be far more subtle.  Observe and listen:




What are your thoughts????