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Sibling Style-ary: The Wedding Edition


Congratulations to James and felicitations to Pippa (nee Middleton) Matthews.  Now that the nuptials have passed, let’s compare the wedding styles of the sisters.



Kate in profile with Pippa holding her train.

She wore long lace sleeves and an illusion bodice.  The deep v neckline was perfectly constructed to her form.  Her flowing locks drifted down her shoulders and stood at royal attention. Simply grand.



Pippa dazzled in her lace dress designed by Giles Deacon.

The dress featured a peek-a-boo back, cap sleeves and high neckline.  Then there was the veil dotted with pearls… sheer perfection.  Her upswept hair was beautifully coiffed. Stunning.

Two sisters, two different styles, too fabulous!



A Heads Up on Bridal Hair

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, be fashionable and use your head.   Here are some tips:


  1. Consider your entire look, the climate, your theme, and your ability to maintain the look throughout the wedding day. People will be taking pictures all day and you always want to look your absolute best.  For example, if you hare having an outdoor wedding in the summer you may want to consider an up-do for easy maintenance.
  2. “Test drive” the look you want to achieve at least twice before your wedding day so that you can work out any kinks, so to speak.
  3. Have a back up look that is simple to achieve in case the first look doesn’t work.
  4. Do not try anything new within six months of your wedding.  For example, do not get severe cuts, coloring, or treatments.  This could spell disaster if are stuck with a look you do not like.
  5. Have a fabulous wig on hand in case all else fails.

Mini Gallery











Long hair


Remember ladies, on your wedding day your ‘”do” should never be a don’t.


Sibling Style-ary: A Tale of Two Brits – Kate and Pippa


In celebration of the upcoming nuptials of Pippa Middleton, sister of the future Queen of England, we decided to honor her and Kate with our  “sibling style-ary” designation.

Sibling style-ary is our term of endearment for famous siblings who share  a timeless sense of style.  As you can see from the picture above, these two have gone through quite a fashion transformation since their formative years.  While Kate is happily waving, Pippa does not seem quite as taken with their look.   Nonetheless, both style mavens have evolved into the fashion icons we know and love today.

While they are both similarly fabulous, their styles are distinct. Kate’s style is more dignified and regal, while  little sister Pippa’s style is decidedly more fun and edgy.  Somehow that mischievous grin Pippa frequently flashes seems to finds its way into her wardrobe.  Let’s compare:


Pippa’s LBD   (Little black dress)                                           Kate’s LBD



Kate in red & black                                                   Kate in white lace

Pippa in red w/brown boots and bag                   Pippa in a bright print



Pippa in a royal blue peephole gown                Kate in a royal blue cold shoulder gown



Kate in stripes and peep toe shoes





Pippa in big bold stripes and wedges.


Can’t wait to see the difference in their bridal styles!

Stay tuned….




The Alcohol Budget: Getting into the Wedding Spirit(s):

“To toast or get toasted – that is the question….”

Liquor is always a concern when planning a wedding.  It can be expensive and if in the wrong hands, embarrassing. Everyone has experienced guests who have had too much and have caused a scene.  Still, people do want to enjoy themselves.  Here are some recommendations that will help you “keep the party going”:

Homemade Refreshing Orange Mimosa Cocktails with Champaigne

  1. Timing is everything.
  • Have a morning wedding and serve mimosas.
  • Serve liquor only during the toast.
  • Only serve liquor during the cocktail hour.

2. There is safety in numbers.

  • Serve one signature drink or a signature punch.
  • Serve the liquor that will serve the most people.
  •  Pay by the head not by the glass.

3. Part with tradition.

  • Skip the champagne toast.
  • Serve no liquor and serve sparkling cider in fabulous glasses.

4. See the glass as half full.

  • Use portion control and only serve half drinks.
  • Use less liquor in the drinks.

Remember: What is most important at the wedding is the celebration of the bride and groom.

That should be enough to get you high.

A votre sante!

Discount Designer Perfume: Uncommon Scents

 “A woman who does not wear perfume has no future.”

Coco Chanel

Secure your future – even on a budget!  Purchasing perfume can be costly but there are ways to save dollars on your scents.  Here are some tips:

  • When you have no money or you forgot to spray up before you left the house, stop by the fragrance counter at your local luxury store.  Try the fragrance testers to see which scent you like the most.  When you find your favorites, ask for samples.   They are usually free, although some stores will give samples only if you buy something. There are also samples you can buy inexpensively.

  • If you have some money, go to the stores and buy scents only around the holidays or when there are special events. Not only are they cheaper, they are usually sold as a set with freebies.  Ask for samples as well because if you are a traveller, they are lightweight and can be stored in your purse rather than your luggage. Perfume travel atomizers are also helpful because you can fill them with your favorite fragrance and they cost from $7- $10 on fragrancenet.com.


  • You can also purchase fragrances online, but be careful.  Sometimes the scents are old and may not have an authentic smell.  Read the return policies very carefully before you buy.  Always google reviews for online companies. The reviews we have seen have been mixed.  In addition, if you are not living in the United States know that import taxes and duty may apply which would drive up the cost of the items.   

  • While it may be tempting to buy scents from the corner vendors, it is not recommended. You cannot be sure where the scents came from, what is in them, how old they are, where they were kept, and if they are authentic.  All of those variables affect the strength and safety of the scent.  For example, improperly stored fragrances are less potent or may smell differently. Bootleg scents may cause irritation to your skin.  These items are typically non-refundable.  It simply is not worth the trouble.


For those of you who are wondering where on your body perfume would best be applied, Coco Chanel had the perfect answer, “Where you want to be kissed.”

Dr. Bonnie: Are We Watering Down Our Health?


The good news is everyone agrees that you need water to have a healthy lifestyle. The more interesting news is that there are many opinions about what type of water will help you achieve that lifestyle.

Drinking water used to be so simple and cheap.  You simply turned on the faucet and mission accomplished – there was water. Now we are bombarded with options like spring water, mineral water, alkaline water, distilled water and none of it is even close to free. Are we watering down our health?

Our woman at the well, so to speak,  Dr. Bonnie, has researched this issue to help us ride this wave of controversy.  Here are her findings:


  1.  Alkaline water.  The machines used to produce the alkaline add lye to the water.  Long term use (3-5 years) of this water can lead to deterioration of the body.
  2. Spring and mineral waters.  These waters can both contain organic and inorganic material.  Only the organic materials have practical use in the human body.
  3. Distilled and reverse osmosis water.  These waters are the only pure waters. Excess minerals and some parasites and viruses are attracted by the pure water and flushed from the body.   This flushing of the body is only possible with pure water.

Based upon this, are you ready to make an informed decision?  We hope so.

Join Dr. Bonnie in July for her next her next bimonthly fact check.

Remember, health is wealth.

Dr. Bonnie, a metaphysicist, is a guest blogger. She does not give medical advice but shares research, to give people an opportunity to make informed decisions.




Fitting Room Etiquette 101: How to Have a Fit

Now that the Prom-Mother’s Day-Graduation-Wedding season is upon us, every moment of fitting room traffic will be rush hour.  This is the perfect time to learn how to have a fit. A good fit.  Here are some tips that will help you and the retailer:

  1. Dress for the occasion.  When you are going to try on clothes, wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of.
  2. Go to the bathroom BEFORE you shop. There is nothing worse than having to give up your dressing room to go to the bathroom.
  3.  Wear under garments . . . PLEASE.  Would you want to be second in line to test drive a bathing suit after the first person rode it bareback?
  4. When trying on blouses, skirts, and dresses, pull them over you head.  Do NOT step into them. It is very easy to break garment closures (i.e. zippers, buttons, etc…) when you step into these garments.  Step into jumpsuits, rompers, slacks, jeans, and shorts.
  5. Do not try on clothes right after you have been to the gym, run a marathon, or completed the 5k bike-a-thon for the homeless.   Hygiene  is of paramount importance.  Also, clothes cling to a sweaty body like  flies on flypaper.
  6. If you are pulling up a pair of pants or skirt and you are struggling at the hip, gracefully accept the agony of defeat, take it off, and try on the next size.   
  7. If you put a dress over your head and it won’t go past your bust or hip line, see number 5.
  8. When you finish trying on a garment, put it back on the hanger immediately.   Garments should never be placed on the hanger inside out. 
  9. Gather all your items before you leave.  I once left a pair of Gucci sunglasses in a dressing room, returned for them 15 minutes later and they were gone. I am still looking for the person who took my eye candy.
  10. Always shop at least an hour before closing time.  When you are in a rush you tend to dress quickly and unintentionally damage the clothes (beak seams, pop buttons, etc…).

Be calm and shop.  Remember, life is not perfect but your outfit can be.

Figure Forward Stores are a Plus for Curvy Brides, Part 1


Hold onto your garters, ladies! There are some stores that are headed in the right direction – where there are curves ahead.  These stores have embraced the fact that the average size for American women is a size 16 (a plus size) and they at catering to full size women.  BIG IS BEAUTIFUL!

To celebrate “this tipping of the scales”, each week in May we will be highlighting places where curvy brides can shop for wedding dresses and “wow” their entourages. If you are a curvy bride and you know of other places, please share the great news with us.

This week we are giving a big “shout out” to The Wedding Dress & Prom Dress Factory Outlets .  Love their video!