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Shower Gifts for the Reigning Bride-to-Be

Planning a wedding is like running a marathon in 5 inch heels and I have the sore feet to prove it.  Anyway,  though I am still preparing for my daughter’s wedding, I am finally back from my ATC hiatus.  Having just completed her shower, here are some helpful recommendations for gifts for reigning bride-to-be:

  • Always look at their registry.  You can’t go wrong if you buy them what they want.


  • Money is ALWAYS appreciated.  A funny or classy presentation always helps. For example, pair your monetary gift with a lovely frame (the frame in the picture is blah but you get the idea).


  • Lingerie and toys can be tricky depending upon your audience so proceed with extreme caution. Some people believe showers are meant to keep things clean.  Then there’s the rest of us….


  • Buy an easy- to-read book the couple can read together. Pair this with a monetary bookmark.  For example,  I have just written an entertaining, uplifting book on sustained marriages entitled, “The Wedlock Chronicles, volume 1”.  YES, I AM UNAPOLOGETICALLY PLUGGING MY BOOK ON THIS BLOG!!! LOL.  It is available on Amazon and createspace . 


  Make it rain!!!

The Bud-geting Bride: Trimming Your Floral Costs, Part 2

            So you have said, “Yes” to a dress that is at least $3, 000 over the budget and you promised yourself, your parents, and your fiance that you would cut that amount from somewhere else.  Now the florist is emailing you to get the final decision on your arrangements. Yikes!

Stay calm and go green.  Here are some great ways to trim the budget without having to sacrifice the “lush life”:

  • Recycle: Ensure that the brides maids bouquets match the centerpieces on the tables.  After the ceremony place them in vases on the table. Think about it – what do they do with them after the ceremony anyway?
  • Go hybrid: Use silk flowers in the centerpieces and surround them with live greenery such as baby’ breath and other leafy options.
  • Reuse: Instead of that flower-laden archway you had planned on, rent two huge trees in beautiful vases for a couple of hundred dollars to adorn your altar.  Less can be more.


The site for Universal Class where you can learn how to arrange silk and real flowers is

The most important lesson is that you should never start your marriage in “wedding debt.”   Just as in marriages, for weddings sometimes short term sacrifices must be made to achieve long term goals .  How you address those sacrifices will determine your happiness and success.

Note to the Bride: The guests will only be looking at your over-budget dress!  LOL





The Bud-geting Bride: Trimming Your Floral Costs, Part1

If you are experiencing sticker shock related to the high cost of bridal floral arrangements, this bud’s for you.  We are devoting this week and every week in June to offering affordable options.


If you have decided that you must go “live” with your bouquet, here are some tips that will help you de-flower your budget:

  • Call  an online company such as Global Rose (855) 821-6372 ; 1800 Flowers (ask about same day delivery) ; Pro Flowers 800 580 2913.  Call and get a clear understanding of pricing and delivery time.  Get your bouquet at least 3 days in advance and ask for clear instructions on how to keep the arrangement fresh. READ THE REVIEWS FOR THESE COMPANIES VERY CAREFULLY.  The reviews are mixed.  Look at the next option for back up.
  • Visit your local supermarket and ask when the new floral shipments arrive. Purchase an arrangement
    and follow this You Tube.  If necessary, ask a friend or relative to help.

Follow up with this DIY You Tube so that you properly store the flowers to ensure freshness. Learn how to keep the bloom on the rose.

  • Engage the services of a new company who is eager to get your business and negotiate a good price.


“Remember be different – every woman should be like a single flower, not a part of a whole bouquet.”





A Heads Up on Bridal Hair

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, be fashionable and use your head.   Here are some tips:


  1. Consider your entire look, the climate, your theme, and your ability to maintain the look throughout the wedding day. People will be taking pictures all day and you always want to look your absolute best.  For example, if you hare having an outdoor wedding in the summer you may want to consider an up-do for easy maintenance.
  2. “Test drive” the look you want to achieve at least twice before your wedding day so that you can work out any kinks, so to speak.
  3. Have a back up look that is simple to achieve in case the first look doesn’t work.
  4. Do not try anything new within six months of your wedding.  For example, do not get severe cuts, coloring, or treatments.  This could spell disaster if are stuck with a look you do not like.
  5. Have a fabulous wig on hand in case all else fails.

Mini Gallery











Long hair


Remember ladies, on your wedding day your ‘”do” should never be a don’t.


The Alcohol Budget: Getting into the Wedding Spirit(s):

“To toast or get toasted – that is the question….”

Liquor is always a concern when planning a wedding.  It can be expensive and if in the wrong hands, embarrassing. Everyone has experienced guests who have had too much and have caused a scene.  Still, people do want to enjoy themselves.  Here are some recommendations that will help you “keep the party going”:

Homemade Refreshing Orange Mimosa Cocktails with Champaigne

  1. Timing is everything.
  • Have a morning wedding and serve mimosas.
  • Serve liquor only during the toast.
  • Only serve liquor during the cocktail hour.

2. There is safety in numbers.

  • Serve one signature drink or a signature punch.
  • Serve the liquor that will serve the most people.
  •  Pay by the head not by the glass.

3. Part with tradition.

  • Skip the champagne toast.
  • Serve no liquor and serve sparkling cider in fabulous glasses.

4. See the glass as half full.

  • Use portion control and only serve half drinks.
  • Use less liquor in the drinks.

Remember: What is most important at the wedding is the celebration of the bride and groom.

That should be enough to get you high.

A votre sante!

Figure Forward Stores are a Plus for Curvy Brides, Part 1


Hold onto your garters, ladies! There are some stores that are headed in the right direction – where there are curves ahead.  These stores have embraced the fact that the average size for American women is a size 16 (a plus size) and they at catering to full size women.  BIG IS BEAUTIFUL!

To celebrate “this tipping of the scales”, each week in May we will be highlighting places where curvy brides can shop for wedding dresses and “wow” their entourages. If you are a curvy bride and you know of other places, please share the great news with us.

This week we are giving a big “shout out” to The Wedding Dress & Prom Dress Factory Outlets .  Love their video!




Cake Toppers for the Bride on a Budget

While huge cakes are traditional at weddings, are brides obligated to “let them eat cake?” Not necessarily… Here are some tasty alternatives:

1. Just have cookies. For fun have cookies that can be made in the likenesses of the bride and

These can also be the parting gift and serve two purposes for the thrifty bride.


2.  Serve parfaits.

3. Serve waffle sundaes with ice cream.

4. Serve pie or cake pops.

7.Have a dessert bar with various desserts.

8. Serve cupcakes or mini pies.

The presentation should be in keeping with your theme. Bon appetit!

The Budgeting Bride: Venue to Menu


Have you noticed that once a proposal is accepted, the questions that follow get more complicated?  You have to say “yes” to a dress and then you have to answer  “How do we  pay for the day?”  One day at a time, right?  Well, let’s start with the obvious.  After you whittle down your guest list, look at  the two largest expenses – the venue and the menu. Many couples are now opting for a more reasonable financial approach.  Here are some cost saving tips to consider:




  • Rent a house or lodge for the wedding.  This works well for destination wedding.
  • A place where the wedding and the reception can both be accommodated.  You will save on transportation costs.



  • A hotel which offers a package deal (food, decorations, hotel accommodations etc..)
  • Get married on a dock and then host a dinner cruise.


  • Get married at home,  at a friend’s home or a place that has a special meaning to you.
  • Consider getting married on campus.
  • Find a venue that does not require you to use their vendors.
  • Municipal parks, historic churches and beaches  can be good options. Your favorite restaurant might accommodate you as well.





A courthouse wedding can also be endearing.  Your friends and family can witness and then meet you at a separate location for a small and  elegant reception.














  •  Have a brunch
  •  Have a themed menu (jazz night club scene where they serve salad, chicken and waffles)
  •  DIY platters of salad and veggies and purchased meat dishes for a backyard wedding.
  • Consider renting food trucks.


  • Ask to substitute cheaper cuts of meat in the menu.
  • Have a barbeque.
  • Buffet style can usually be more cost-effective than formal, sit-down service, saving approximately 20 to 30%.
  • Have dessert or hors d’oeuvres only.
  • Offer a baked potato bar. Provide a large variety of toppings.
  • Just have a cocktail reception with cake.
  • Add an ‘action stations’ where people can watch while they cook.




  Look for our next article on wedding confections entitled “Let Them Eat Cake?”
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