Bridal – Aisle style

The Budgeting Bride – How to Put Elastic in Your Plastic

So you are getting married and the first thing he says is the “b” word.  BUDGET!

This is how you can save and still be fabulous:

  • Pay for everything related to your wedding and reception with a credit card. This will protect you should anything go wrong with your vendors. If your Dj dies in a plane crash the day before the wedding and you put the deposit on a credit card, your money will be refunded. If you had paid with cash, your money would have been gone. Your credit card is like a free wedding insurance policy in your wallet, so use it.
  • Find a credit card with cash back and 0% APR for a year. This will allow you to use gift money to pay for other items like the entertainment or food.   Only  do this only if you’re sure you can pay it off quickly without incurring interest; no one should go into debt for their wedding. Now that’s how you put some elastic in your plastic.
  • There are also lots of sites that point to ways to save. lets you buy up the fixings from weddings that got cancelled, and offers a range of almost-new wedding dresses.
  • offers tips on how to resell things, like unused table linens.
  • Cut the day-of vendor staff. Try to keep vendor staff at the main event to as few as possible without sacrificing speed of service for your guests. Vendors need to eat too; you’ll often find vendor contracts include meal requirements as an additional out-of-pocket expense. If you’re on the fence about whether to hire a DJ or six-person band, the extra cost associated with vendor meals may help sway your decision.
  • Buy vintage or preowned wedding ring sets. You get more for your money.
  • Buy simulated diamond rings. Check with your partner first – this will not work for everyone.
  • Cut your guest list by category.  For example, cut all the people who volunteer with you at the soup kitchen.
  • Did you know that the US Postal Service will tack on extra postage charges for nonstandard size envelopes? And adding additional frills to envelope exteriors will also up the postage, so stick to simple, standard-size envelopes to avoid paying more.



Save the Date and the Money

Your choice of date and time for wedding related events can make a huge difference in your budget.  Here are some cost saving tips:

  • Consider having your wedding during the week.
  • Have a morning wedding. The brunch menus are more budget friendly.  A buffet lunch is less expensive to provide than a sit-down dinner—and appetizers and champagne in the afternoon cost even less.
  • Prices are lower during the months of January through March, and can add up to $40 to $50 less per guest. Renting a venue in January can save you around 25%. June and December are the most popular months for weddings, so vendors may be more willing to negotiate if you are talking to them at other times of the year.
  • Choose colors and dates near or during holidays. You can use the flowers and decorations already in place at the venues. Great examples – Valentine’s Day, New Years, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Harvest Festivals (Halloween), Thanksgiving, Easter etc…
  • Also ask your venue if there are other weddings or parties that will be taking place.  It might be possible to share the cost of decorations, flowers, and equipment.
  • Have one day bachelorette parties. Ask friends/family if they have time shares you can borrow for the event.
  • Have an afternoon tea or barbeque instead of a rehearsal dinner.

Look for an upcoming article on venues.

Wedding Day Slay – The Bow-dacious Bride

Admit it brides, when you walk down that aisle you want to be absolutely gorgeous.  To ensure perfection, you will need a “fit kit”. The fit kit is all of the undergarments you must wear to look stunning in the dress (i.e. bra, shaper, etc..) and include the shoes that are the height you will be wearing.  Take this kit to every fitting.  It will give you a more realistic view of what you will actually look like in the dress. Try to narrow down what you really like before your appointments because there are soooo many choices and it is easy to become overwhelmed.  Watching Say Yes to the Dress  (I am an unapologetic fan) can also be helpful in terms of choosing a dress as well as choosing a helpful entourage.

This week  we will highlight brides who love their beaus and bows.   Bows are fun and depending on where they are located can make a dress sweet or downright hot.  Here are some examples of front bows:





A bow behind the scenes can change the entire landscape in your “rear view” mirror.





Sheer perfection for the bow-dacious bride!