A Study in Sibling Style-ary: Beyoncé and Solange


Sibling style-ary is our term of endearment for famous siblings who share  a timeless sense of style.  This month we are highlighting Queen B and Solange.  Both  have had style-ary since the womb. We can always count on them to give us something to react to.



What is so compelling about them is that they are a pair with individual styles.  Their clothes always make statements but never the same statement.  They are fearless in their expression of their  styles.




Lesson learned :  Embrace your individual style without fear of reprisal!

Online Vintage Vibe II

Happy New Year, Vintage Vibe Tribe!!!

Welcome 2017 by pushing the reset button! Be reflective (emotionally and financially) and selective (Will I wear it enough for it to be worth the money? Will the person I am buying this for use it?)  I have always been a proponent of spending wisely by shopping for the best sales all year round.   Then when the holidays come your gifts are ” in the bag” – so to speak and you haven’t had to spend a fortune.  One of the best times to shop is after the holidays. Also, vintage shopping is a fantastic way to increase your style quotient on a budget.

This week open your minds and your pocketbooks to global possibilities.  The following online sites showcase finds from around the world:

vintage-contessaVintage Contessa ( offers

  • Women’s handbags accessories and jewelry; few men’s watches – wallets and laptop bags moderate to small inventory
  • will access and buy items from individuals
  • No returns; full store credit
  • Paypal payment method
  • guarantees authentication

Vestiaire ( offersvestiaire-3

  • women’s and men’s clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags and accessories; design and home décor, art and culture, sports and leisure, high tech items and pet accessories.
  • moderate to high inventory
  • Credit card payment or Affirm financing
  • guaranteed authenticity (team of experts evaluate every item sold)
  • a referral incentive program (15 Vestiaire dollars for every new referral)
  • will sell qualifying items for you and share the proceeds


1st-dibs1st Dibs ( offers

  • furniture, fine art; women’s jewelry, fashion and accessories
  • exclusively showcases items from prestigious dealers NOT individuals
  • moderate to high inventory
  • Buyer Protection Policy – returns are entertained if you never received the item, it comes incomplete or damaged (and you used 1st Dibs to send it)
  • top designers purchase from this site – very pricey
  • no authentication representations

See you in cyber space! #vintagevibetribe










A Study in Sibling Style-ary: Lee Radzwill and Jackie Kennedy Onasis




Sibling rivalry is as old as, well the Bible – but sibling style-ary is another matter. The correct definition of this term is famous siblings who share  a timeless sense of style. Let’s start with Lee Radzwill and Jackie Kennedy Onasis (in the pictures above and to the left, she is on the left and Jackie is on the right), since the movie Jackie is currently in the theaters.  For those of you who don’t know her, she is the sister of Jackie Kennedy Onasis (the wife of John F. Kennedy,  the 35th president of the United States).

Those two were style mavens of their day. Truth be told, while Jackie has gone to glory, Lee is still holding it down. Both sisters provided the world with eternal eye candy.  When you look at their pictures you feel inspired to wear whatever they have on.

Jackie taught us to consult those who at most knowledgeable about fashion to help you accent your look.  Her style guru was Diana Vreeland, the then editor of Vogue.

                                   hbz-jackie-kennedy-1970-gettyimages-53012085_2      hbz-jackie-kennedy-1962-gettyimages-50701154_2     jkennedy05_gl_17may11_pa_b

efc2eb7918d056f88b830ccb6082c677       img-thinggallery-1438113644-hbz-jackie-kennedy-additions-gettyimages-103937291


On the other hand, Lee was about simple, low-key things and a great respect for line and beauty. Her personal style had to do with reducing rather than adding and she exudes strength, independence and a lack of concern for what others think.  Here are some Lee looks.  Fabulous by all standards.

                                                                                           imagesb83csj7w           imagesf30rto4w                 images3zzytywe

imagesjugzh2x0                         imagesem8plrqx        untitled




Lessons learned from this pair:

  • To be in the know, consult those who know.
  • Less is more.

And the beat goes on…tune in next month for the Beyoncé – Solange  sibling style-ary story.  #siblingstylery

Farewell Fashion Toast to FLOTUS Michelle Obama



Alright fellow citizens and international friends, as the Obama presidency comes to close, lift your glasses and give a Farewell Fashion Toast to FLOTUS Michelle Obama. She has represented our country well in substance as well as style. We will miss her class, dignity and impeccable carriage. She wore what complimented her figure and captured the souls of the paparazzi and every fashionista. She proved to us that you could wear more than a size 6 and look stunning whether you wore a dress by  Naeem Khan or one off the rack from Target.    Send us your favorite FLOTUS look and we will post it under your name in repeats! Merci, Michelle!


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030816-michelle-obama-embed_0                imagesvrvnbxks       th      011316-michelle-obama-state-of-the-union-slide

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032316-michelle-obama    050316-michelle-obama-the-voice-slide         th9ii9l73w

thvcumkaop           hbz-michelle-obama-1030-gettyimages-495005096                  thzucjn35x


54c6b809cbcb1_-_hbz-getty-michelle-obama-birthday-48-69005797          thbkr7aarr                                    032416-michelle-obama-argentina-state-dinner-metallic


mobama_art_caro_gallery-cover_37666             080216-michelle-obama-embed                               031116-michelle-obama-state-dinner-dress





Vintage Venue Menu

Are you part of the VVT (Vintage Vibe Tribe)? Members of the tribe visit and critique the vintage venues. Send us your comments and join the family.  Look what’s on the online menu this week:


Material World offers

            New and preowned items

            Return policy

            Trade-in value is put on Material world or designated

retailer’s gift cards

            Women’s clothes, bags, shoes and accessories

            Guaranteed authenticity

NOTE: This company does NOT consign.


Fashionphile offers

            Preowned items

            A strict return policy. Read it before purchasing.

            Layaway – 60 day policy

            Guarantees authenticity

            Women’s clothes, bags, accessories and shoes

            online store and 3 brick and mortar stores in California

Note :   Mixed consumer reviews


Tradesy offers

            Preowned with some new items

            Returns as long as the item is not final sale -read for


            No layaway but financing is available through Affirm

            Women’s clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, fragrances

            Guarantees authenticity

            Wedding category


Every week, we will share different online and brick and mortar stores with you. Look for our holiday picks next week through New Years.



Vintage Vibe – “Drive By” Shopping


The Mustard Seed

Bethesda, MD

   Although I read the customer reviews of the store first, I kept an open mind.

Buying Experience

The prices are actually good for buyers. The store is clean and well kept. The salesperson was friendly. J. Crew, Coach, Nanette Lapore, Michael Kors, and  Forever 21 are frequently seen labels.  The inventory is small to average.


Selling Experiencedownload-1

My experience selling products to the manager was less than ideal. The sales transaction was not as private and confidential as I would have expected. Perhaps a similar experience was shared by those patrons who left negative comments online.

All in all, great offerings for younger people and small-medium sized people.

Every week, we will share different online and brick and mortar stores with you. Share your finds with us as well and give your feedback on Repeats and Deletes. We would love to hear from you.

Vintage Vibe Online

Buying vintage has many advantages – one of which is that the prices are excellent. It is one of the easiest ways to look like a million bucks on a modest budget.

Before you start, know thyself….
Which kind of shopper are you?
Shopper A – Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell (I would prefer the genuine item but if no one else can tell, I will buy it.)
Shopper B – Keep it Real (If you sell me a knock off, I will have you in court before the Honorable Judge Judy)
Shopper C – Red Tags Matter (It’s on sale. That’s my budget and I’m sticking to it!)

In any case, you should be an educated consumer. Who wants to pay authentic prices for a knock off? This is really helpful if you are a thrift store shopper. That said, here are resources that can help you in your decision making.
1. Bag Verify provides authentication services, reseller reviews, price guides, discussion forum and other resources for luxury handbag collectors.
2. Yoogi’s Closet and The Real Real feature authentication guides for Chanel and Louis Vuitton
3. YouTubes provides short authentication videos. Just Google “how to authenticate ______ bags” (fill in the brand).

When to give the side eye:
1.   If you cannot return it.
2. If you are buying on ebay, look at the seller’s history. If they have had recent complaints (within 2 years), if they are new sellers (been selling on ebay less than 18 months), or if they make it difficult to return the item.
3. If it seems too good to be true, it is (i.e. a Birken bag for $50 – NOT!!!).


Now you are ready to shop!! Here are 3 online stores to check out:




  • Luxe DH offers
     New and preowned items
     3 days to return/ a form will be sent to you and you have 3 business days to return it.
     Layaway available (3 payments). Also, financing through Affirm.
     Women’s and men’s bags and accessories. Shoes for women only.
     Guaranteed authenticity
    NOTE: This company does NOT consign. They only buy from vendors who sell vintage in bulk.


  • The Real Real offers
     New and preowned items
     A strict return policy. Read it before purchasing.
     No layaway but financing is available through Affirm
     Guarantees authenticity
     Women’s and men’s clothes, home décor, accessories and shoes
     An iphone mobile app
     First Look Club membership for $10 a month. Various promotional perks are provided for club members


  • yoogis


  • Yoogi’s Closet offers
     Preowned with some new items
     30 day returns -read for details
     No layaway but financing is available through Paypal credit and Affirm
     Women’s clothes, bags, shoes, accessories
     Guarantees authenticity
     An in-house restoration team that cleans and restores the items to shelf- readiness…

Every week, we will share different online and brick and mortar stores with you. Share your finds with us as well and give your feedback on Repeats and Deletes. We would love to hear from you.