Dr. Bonnie: Are We Watering Down Our Health?


The good news is everyone agrees that you need water to have a healthy lifestyle. The more interesting news is that there are many opinions about what type of water will help you achieve that lifestyle.

Drinking water used to be so simple and cheap.  You simply turned on the faucet and mission accomplished – there was water. Now we are bombarded with options like spring water, mineral water, alkaline water, distilled water and none of it is even close to free. Are we watering down our health?

Our woman at the well, so to speak,  Dr. Bonnie, has researched this issue to help us ride this wave of controversy.  Here are her findings:


  1.  Alkaline water.  The machines used to produce the alkaline add lye to the water.  Long term use (3-5 years) of this water can lead to deterioration of the body.
  2. Spring and mineral waters.  These waters can both contain organic and inorganic material.  Only the organic materials have practical use in the human body.
  3. Distilled and reverse osmosis water.  These waters are the only pure waters. Excess minerals and some parasites and viruses are attracted by the pure water and flushed from the body.   This flushing of the body is only possible with pure water.

Based upon this, are you ready to make an informed decision?  We hope so.

Join Dr. Bonnie in July for her next her next bimonthly fact check.

Remember, health is wealth.

Dr. Bonnie, a metaphysicist, is a guest blogger. She does not give medical advice but shares research, to give people an opportunity to make informed decisions.




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