Fashion-Able: Tommy Hilfiger Designs with Equity for the Disabled

When we design something that can be used by those with disabilities, we often make it better for everyone else.” 

Donald Norman

Director of The Design Lab at University of California, San Diego.

Is the fashion industry vision challenged when it comes to designing adaptive clothing for the disabled?  One major designer isn’t.  As part of his Spring 2016 collection, Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with the non-profit Runway of Dreams, showcasing his adaptive wear for disabled children.  The clothes, otherwise identical to the mainstream TH Kids Collection, feature accommodations for physical limitations.  Kudos to the TH brand.  

Runway of Dreams is looking for other major designers to lengthen the short list of adaptive wear designers.  I applaud their vision and have some dreams of my own.   

Dream 1 – Wouldn’t it be fabulous if one of the challenges on Project Runway would be to design adaptive clothing for disabled adults? Rebekah Marine, Lauren Wasser, Kelly Knox on the runway… I would love to see that episode! Are you listening Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum? 

Dream 2 – A Typical Chic is developing a line of clothing that includes adaptive wear.  Stay tuned…


On the real, below is the short list of companies that currently design adaptive clothing: 

• (search Runway of Dreams)
• (seniors)
Mini Gallery
Do you know of other sites or adaptive wear models? Please write to us and let us know.