Slay the Vacay, Part 2: #Missing Luggage

“Lost luggage is just an opportunity to start afresh…”

Chris Evans


NOT when you are on your dream vacation and you’ve packed every outfit by day and event.  Then it’s no longer a vacation- it’s a trip. Here are some tips and helpful information:

1) Go to the baggage claim office immediately. If your bags are not there, make a report.  Never leave the airport without making a lost baggage report.

2)  If your luggage is truly lost, keep all receipts for replacement items.  Do not exaggerate your claim because airlines won’t pay if they think the claim is fraudulent. Airlines do not pay for sentimental value and some airlines give a flat rate for lost luggage.

3) If the airline is uncooperative, make a claim with the  Department of Transportation.

4) If you made a connecting flight and your luggage was lost, the airline you departed from last is responsible for the baggage.  For example, let’s say the flight you took on Delta to New York was delayed and you barely made your flight to France from New York.  You arrive in France but your bag never made it.  Air France not Delta would take responsibility for your lost bags.

5) The Department of Transportation has $3,300.00 per bag available, but you have to be persistent in getting that money. Check your ticket because some airlines only pay a flat fee for bags and whatever is on your ticket is what they will pay. Only 6% of all claims are paid, and there is a lot of theft going on with baggage handlers and TSA.

6) When filing for compensation, you should include the copy of the PIR (lost luggage form), the boarding card with the attached luggage tag, and other documents such as receipts and photographs. Here’s a timetable for filing your complaint:

  • If your luggage has been damaged or destroyed, make your complaint within seven days
  • If your luggage has been delayed, file your complaint within 21 days of receiving it
  • If your luggage has been lost, make your complaint as soon as possible after it has been missing for 21 days.

7)  Did you know there is an unclaimed baggage center located in Alabama where lost baggage items and unclaimed items are sent and can be purchased?

The website is:

Safe and happy travels.


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