Slay the Vacay, Part1: Holding On to Your Baggage

First rule of travel: 

Keep your friends close and your bags closer.

 If you have a phone, you have your friends.  With luggage it may not be that easy.  That said, here are some simple tips to keep you tethered to your baggage:

1) Put all important items like, medicine, passports, visas, toiletries, at least one change of clothes, jewelry and anything that is really important to you in your carry on.

2) Take pictures of your non carry-on luggage.

3) Don’t put any electronics or high end tablets, cameras or phones. They aren’t covered by the airlines contract of carriage.

4) If you don’t have space to put your valuables in your carry-on, mail them to your destination. There are a lot of services now that go door to door with your valuables, very affordably and they insure them which the airlines do not.

5) Purchase lost baggage insurance.

6) Buy a luggage tracking device. Lug Loc, Tile Mate, and Tracdot are great alternatives.  The following site gives great feedback on each:

Best Luggage Tracking & Locating Devices for Travel 2017


Next week we will give you the lowdown on lost and damaged luggage.

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