The Bud-geting Bride: Trimming Your Floral Costs, Part 2

            So you have said, “Yes” to a dress that is at least $3, 000 over the budget and you promised yourself, your parents, and your fiance that you would cut that amount from somewhere else.  Now the florist is emailing you to get the final decision on your arrangements. Yikes!

Stay calm and go green.  Here are some great ways to trim the budget without having to sacrifice the “lush life”:

  • Recycle: Ensure that the brides maids bouquets match the centerpieces on the tables.  After the ceremony place them in vases on the table. Think about it – what do they do with them after the ceremony anyway?
  • Go hybrid: Use silk flowers in the centerpieces and surround them with live greenery such as baby’ breath and other leafy options.
  • Reuse: Instead of that flower-laden archway you had planned on, rent two huge trees in beautiful vases for a couple of hundred dollars to adorn your altar.  Less can be more.


The site for Universal Class where you can learn how to arrange silk and real flowers is

The most important lesson is that you should never start your marriage in “wedding debt.”   Just as in marriages, for weddings sometimes short term sacrifices must be made to achieve long term goals .  How you address those sacrifices will determine your happiness and success.

Note to the Bride: The guests will only be looking at your over-budget dress!  LOL





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