The Bud-geting Bride: Trimming Your Floral Costs, Part1

If you are experiencing sticker shock related to the high cost of bridal floral arrangements, this bud’s for you.  We are devoting this week and every week in June to offering affordable options.


If you have decided that you must go “live” with your bouquet, here are some tips that will help you de-flower your budget:

  • Call  an online company such as Global Rose (855) 821-6372 ; 1800 Flowers (ask about same day delivery) ; Pro Flowers 800 580 2913.  Call and get a clear understanding of pricing and delivery time.  Get your bouquet at least 3 days in advance and ask for clear instructions on how to keep the arrangement fresh. READ THE REVIEWS FOR THESE COMPANIES VERY CAREFULLY.  The reviews are mixed.  Look at the next option for back up.
  • Visit your local supermarket and ask when the new floral shipments arrive. Purchase an arrangement
    and follow this You Tube.  If necessary, ask a friend or relative to help.

Follow up with this DIY You Tube so that you properly store the flowers to ensure freshness. Learn how to keep the bloom on the rose.

  • Engage the services of a new company who is eager to get your business and negotiate a good price.


“Remember be different – every woman should be like a single flower, not a part of a whole bouquet.”





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