TJMaxx-imum Advantage


Do you just shop at TJMaxx in the clearance section and assume that you can’t afford Chanel, Gucci,  and Valentino?  Perhaps you are not getting the TJMaxx-imum Advantage! Take this simple test:

  1. Did you know that some TJMaxx stores have  runway fashion for very low prices?
  2.  Did you know that TJMaxx offers semiannual  events to showcase new/major Runway selections? Did you know about the preview to this event for special customers?
  3. Did you know that there is an online TJMaxx Runway? 

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, keep reading. We will show you how to Maxx-imize your shopping experience.

Last month, I attended the semi Annual TJMaxx Runway event in Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C. and interviewed Alex, one of their buyers and Charmaine, a high- energy, knowledgeable sales associate.  This is what I learned.

Last month, I attended the semi Annual TJMAXX Runway event in Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C. and interviewed Alex, one of their buyers and Charmaine. Here’s what I learned:

  • All TJM stores have great sales but not are created equal. Some TJMs have a Runway section that includes fashion from the most name worthy labels.
  • All TJM Runways do not carry the same items, so it is worth it to shop around. Visit the store locator at to find the Runway Sections in your area so you can get the maxx for your minimum.
  •  TJM has an online Runway.  It provides a much larger selection of items, but at the store you inspect and try on  items before making your purchases.
  • Their return policy is thirty days with an online or store receipt BUT online purchases can’t always be returned to a store. Depending on the item, you might have to mail it back with free postage provided by TJM. Return details are usually written near the item description and price on the website and on your receipt.
  • To score an invite to the Pre Semiannual Runway event you must have a TJM Rewards Card or Access Card. Talk to your favorite TJM sales associate for details.


Still think these prices are too high for you?   Be intentional about saving money. Visit the Krazy Koupon Lady at for Maxx-imum results. See you on the runway!!