Vintage Vibe: When What’s Old is Gold

“The runway must be your guide but not your God.”

Donna E!


Have you ever met “season snobs”? You know, the people who say, “That is so last season!” The comment is usually accompanied by a disdainful huff as if the item being discussed became immediately extinct the second the new collections hit the runway.  When I hear that statement I immediately think, “missed style opportunities…”

Do YOU! Never allow the runway to run you.   When you dress based solely upon what is “in” – there is no opportunity for creativity.  Lack of creativity is the death of style.
Honor the work of great designers.  Outstanding designs don’t have a shelf life, they are classics. Treat them accordingly.

Continue to wear what looks good on you and update your look.  Mix it up.  That’s what makes it interesting.  Let’s face it, everything in fashion will be retro at some point.

That said, look for Typical Chic’s series on vintage stores called Vintage Vibe.    We will highlight excellent vintage venues for you to sample. We are also asking for you to rate our picks as well as vintage stores in your area.  Is the store a Delete (never again) or a Repeat (do it again) and tell us why.  Send us pictures of your looks.